Commissions info

Are you interested in taking a personal commission? here you can find all the prices and info about the overhall process, terms and conditions and way of contact. If you’re a businness and need a commercial commission you can check the Business Inquirie info.

  • ✨ Bust - 70€ ✨

    This commission type is until the shoulders andCan have a simple colour background, shape or no background at all.

    • Additional character/pets is + €50 
  • ✨ Half Body - 100€ ✨

    Half-body illustration it’s a perfect option to show the character from the waist area and up. Ideal size for characters showing something in their hands or doing cool poses. Can have a simple color background,shape or no background at all.

    • Additional character/pets is + €60 
  • ✨ Full Body - 120€ ✨

    A full-body commission includes a full body pose and full outfit.Can have a simple color background,shape or no background at all.

    • Additional character/pets is + €70 

Steps to inquire a commission

Join the waitlist

If you're interest in the commission, fullfill the form to join the waitlist. I normally work in 5 or 6 commissions a month. If you need it for a special occasion, there's a special space on the form to set the date.

You can do it here

Comission accepted

Once I accept your commission inquiry, I will send you the link to make the payment. The price of the commission will depend on the size and the number of characters you want.

Sending references

Once the payment is verified, I will send you an email asking for the references and details for your commission.

Sketch approval

Once I have the references and details, it's time to start working on the sketch for your drawing. It can take about one or two weeks depending on the complexity of the commission. Then, I will send you the draft to get some feedback before start painting.Once the sketch is approved, I won't do any change on it.

Colouring Process

After your approval, It's time to start the colouring process. This is the longest part of the project and can take about 2 or 4 weeks, depending on the difficulty of your commission.

Recieving your commission

The whole process is finished! and it's time to recieve the High resolution file of your drawing.

I will send it via email!