Terms & Conditions

We are going to start working together! How exciting! but first, some things you should know:

  • To save time and resources, the Number of Corrections are not infinite. Prices include 1-2 corrections if needed, more than that will have an additional charge (10€/each).
  • Once the project is finished, aside from recieving a nice illustration, I will send you a High Quality PDF, JPG or PNG file. The size of the canvas will be adjusted to your needs. *No physical Product*
  • Timearound can vary depending on different factors, as health issues, complexity of the  piece, other work projects and seasons holidays.

Payments can be paid upfront via PayPal in USD or EUR, please don’t send any payment before being requested.

I’m so sorry if you decided to cancel your order! but before you proceed there are some things you should know:


  • You will be fully refunded If I am unable to start your commission or you cancel the order before I start with your project. 
  • If I already started the sketch, you will be partially refunded with 40% of the price.
  • You won’t be refunded after your sketch approval or after receiving the final piece.

Ok! last thing, let’s talk about the copyright usage!

  •  I will have the copyright on all commissioned work.
  • I will not take profit from commissioned work
  • I always will ask for your permission before posting the commission artwork on my social media / portfolio / website.
  • You are free to upload the artwork on social media, just give me some credit by tagging me 
  • As and indivual you may NOT, in any cirscuntance, claim as your work/edit/sell or reproduce this artwork without my consent and for your own profit (that means, making money of it ). If you have a shop, we can discuss the license for that matter. Avoiding this, can have legal issues.