Mentoring sessions

Welcome! I’m glad to have you here.

Maybe you are wondering what this mentoring session are, right? Well, basically they are a space to help you improve your drawing skills.

From the first sessión you’re going to decide which aspects we are going to treat over that hour. I really wanted to focus on all this things that worry you the most. Let’s put examples of we can do together:

  • Feedback from some of your sketches (anotomy, composition, etc…)
  • Feedback on finished art pieces (colors and bestway to improve them, lights, shadows)
  • Procreate and Clip studio paint usage (how to use tools, layers, tips etc…)

This is not a regular drawing class so im not going to follow any schedule, we are going to work on your drawing needs at that moment and trying to solve all your questions.

How does it work?

Once you buy your session/sessions, you will have access to the calendly planner schedule link to choose, between available slots, the day and hour that suits you better.

*If you schedule 2 session, or 3.. just schedule on Calendly 3 sessions.

How do I Prepare?

Come with all questions you have written down, if you want feedback from some of your drawings, have the images prepared to share them with me at the beginning of the session, so I can work over them and show you more visually what I would change.

**Las sesiones también pueden ser en Español!


What is The Perky Illustrators Club? 

The Perky Illustrators Club is a growing project born with the spirit to bring beginner artists and illustrators some help in the process of becoming a better self. Step one is opening the mentoring session, step two will be launching a podcast to approach general doubts, tips, and open healthy discussions about our profession.

schedule your session today!