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Do you need an illustrated book or a cover for a single/poster? maybe some designs to put in your merch? Then you’re in the right place!

What is the difference between commercial and personal commissions? well, Individual commission can be used only for personal purposes (as a gift, to hang on the wall…) and can’t be resold, on the other hand, commercial commissions have the rights to be sold, and take profit of it. 

If this is what you’re looking for, contact me through the form below, write all the info you can so i can prepare the fittest budget for your company!

Sponsonship & Collabs

If you are a brand and you’re interested in a Sponsored/Collaboration piece or video, fill the form explaining a little bit more about how it would be, I’ll love to know!

I will evaluate if the collaboration is relevant to my audience (art, illustration, digital drawing) interest.

Digital Painitng & Watercolour Instagram Edition! Clip studio paint tutorial. A writed version will be available soon at Art Rocket.

Sudio Collab
Chalkola Collab!
Disney Plus Collab

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