Portfolio & Professional Commissions

Learn about some of my most recent projects and collaborations with different brands through my portfolio.

  • Professional Commissions

    Are you looking for an illustrator to make a book or create a cover? a poster? Maybe some designs to put on your store or your products? Then you are in the right place!

    What is the difference between commercial and personal commissions?

    Personal commissions can only be used for personal purposes (as a gift, wall hanging, etc.) and cannot be resold. On the other hand, commercial orders have the right to be sold and obtain profits from it. If this is what you are looking for, contact me through the button below and provide all the information possible so that I can prepare the most appropriate budget for your company.

  • Sponsor & Collaborations

    If you are a brand and are interested in a sponsored or collaborative piece or video, fill out the form and tell me how we can collaborate!

    For our collaboration to be successful, I will evaluate if the collaboration is relevant to my audience (art, illustration, digital drawing, product production, hardware & software for artists...)

    I have collaborated with various brands such as XP-PEN, Huion, Paperlike, Pen Tips, Chalkola, Morfone...

  • Publishing // Penguin Random House

    2023. Character design and illustration of the cover and interiors of the new Ariancita book edited by Montena. It is currently in its 2nd edition.

  • Illustration // RA Games

    2023. Collaborative project with RA Games and Falomir Juegos. My work focused on creating illustrations for both the cards and the game box.

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  • Collab // XP-PEN

    2023. Collaboration with the company XPPEN to make a video review of the XP-PEN Artist Pro 14 (2nd Gen) + stories on Instagram.

  • Collab // Huion

    2023. Video review of the Huion Kamvas 24 plus and creation of a special illustration for the occasion.

  • Webinar // Graphixly

    2022. Webinar on Character Stylization using Clip Studio Paint by Graphixly

  • Course // Domestika

    2022. Creation of a portrait design course in Procreate in collaboration with Domestika. Currently with more than 2,300 students.

  • Publishing // Penguin Random House

    2022. Character design and illustration of covers and interiors of the four books of the Mystery series by Daniela Divertiguay .

  • Collab // Huion

    Collaboration with Huion brand, specialists in Pen Displays, to do a review and share my experience with the Kamvas 16 on Instagram and YouTube.

  • Collab // XP-PEN

    Collaboration with the brand specialized in Pen Displays XP-PEN. Making an illustration + post + stories on Instagram telling my experience with the XP-PEN Artist 22 (2nd Gen)

  • Collab // Disney+

    Paid collaboration with Disney+ to promote the streaming premiere of the live-action Mulan film (2020). Realization of a special commission and diffusion through social networks.

  • Collab // Sudio

    Collaboration with Sudio, tech brand specialized in speakers and headphones. Making a post and publishing stories, along with the creation of a personalized illustration on Instagram .